Jesse Sanderson is a self-taught artist with a distinctive signature. Born in 1983 and raised in an anthroposophical community, Sanderson is enchanted by the designs of nature and the heritage of raw materials.
Sanderson is obsessed with weathered acacia branches. Stubbornly yet controlled, the branches reach out for sunlight and bring life into a tree.
Sanderson often searches the Dutch forests to find branches with the most stunning forms and structures. They lay in the forest for years, covered with leaves, housing insects, eroded by weather until the skeleton of the branch remains.
Sanderson cast the branches in bronze, respecting every detail of erosion the branches have faces. The massive bronze castings can hold the weight of a large grown-up man. This creates endless possibilities to bring acacia branches in every-day-life via contemporary design. At this very moment, Sanderson is finishing an impressive series of objects based on bronze branches.