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In search of ways to emphasize the authentic forms of the materials, the Horny Chunk is slightly polished in order to preserve the sensual shapes of the wood. For the special series of the ‘Horny Chunk Burned’, an ancient method is used from Japan called Shou Sugi Ban. This intensive technique burns away the soft parts of the wood and reveals the inner structures of the wood. 

To immortalize the chunk, this edition is encasted in bronze. The Bronzed Chunk has a comfortable flowing seat and is equipped with invisible wheels.


The Legacy Of The Wild is a unique seating object that triggers the imagination. Carefully selected branches of Acacia wood, captured in bronze, support a jackal fur. This rare combination of flora and fauna gives the object a creature-like appearance. The specific structure of wood that remains after it is affected by weather influences and insects remind of structures of the human body. LOTW is published in a limited series of 3 editions, each with another animal’s fur, a jackal, a wolf and a wild boar.

The Forest Trunks are characterized by the unpredictable shapes of Acacia trunks. It’s intriguing how a walk through the forest can give one a sheltered yet free feeling. Without having to do major adjustments in a space, the ‘Forest Trunks’ concept is able to capture that feeling indoors.

Humanity tries to dominate nature. Wildlife, however, adapts. This antithesis inspired to let nature determine the design process. The result is Narcistics; two seating objects that emit an animal dominance with their stately posture.

From cultivating to sourcing and transportation. Economic considerations dominate the way we approach nature and its forms. This straightforward idea is in great contrast to the uncontrollable and asymmetrical shapes, nature creates itself. The Acacia projects arose from a search for balance between the rectilinear and flowing.